Shooting wood pigeon in winter can be lots of fun, however it isn’t that easy and can be quite challenging. That is why when planning on going out and shooting pigeon in winter, shooters must plan and prepare well in order to make good bags. If you are considering going out shooting pigeon in the upcoming winter season, we highly advise that you read this article today, as we are here to provide some of the industry’s greatest winder pigeon shooting tips.

Top Winter Pigeon Shooting Tips

  • When shooting in winter wind and weather make a huge difference to shooting efforts, effecting them massively. For example, wind can actually assist shooters, as strong winds can cause big flocks of birds to break up, making shooting easier.
  • When weather is incredibly harsh and severely extreme shooters are advised to not go out, and instead to save their pellets and energy for when the weather calms down a bit.
  • Reconnaissance is as important in winter as it is any other season, with it still vital for shooters to establish the true flight line in their chosen fields. When falling for and using false lines you can end up in the wrong place and your shooting efforts definitely will not pay off.
  • It is a good idea to let birds have their first feed before you start shooting this is because it gives the bird confidence to stick around.
  • With cover being limited somewhat in winter for shooters it is important for shooters to build a good hide that fits their surroundings. Never forget that a lot of birds have exceptional eyesight, and this is something that should never be disregarded.
  • When shooting in winter it is vital that you do not over-shoot your ground otherwise you face educating the birds and decoying can in turn become impossible.
  • Be disciplined with your shooting when out shooting in winter and the cold months and don’t attempt to shoot at huge flocks.

These are of course only some of the viable tips for shooters looking to shoot pigeon this winter too – many more available and most suppliers are happy to share them with the community!


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