What You Can Do with the Ring Once the Engagement Is Called Off

No one should ever have to go through the pain that comes from a broken engagement. Having that dream of getting married and possibly starting a family snatched away from you can be very difficult to endure.

However, you cannot afford to dwell on something that has already happened. Moving on is something you will have to do eventually.

Sometimes, the process can of moving on may even start with what you do with the engagement ring.

What You Must Know about the Laws Concerning Engagement Rings

It may surprise some to hear this, but there are actually some complex laws regarding who is considered the owner of an engagement ring once an engagement is called off.

According to, most states regard engagement rings as “conditional gifts.” This means that they are gifts provided by one person to another that are “premised upon the occurrence of a future event.”

In the case of engagement rings, the future event in question is marriage.

Since the engagement ring is a conditional gift, it must be returned by the recipient to the giver in case the engagement is broken.

Notably though, there are some states that take into account whose fault it was that the marriage is no longer going to take place. For situations such as that, the person responsible for the wedding getting called off will not receive the ring even if he/she was the one who bought it.

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Gold Engagement Ring?

If you are the one who ends up with the engagement ring, the idea of selling it may be unappealing and even painful at first, but it’s essential to the healing process.

As long as that ring is in your possession, you won’t be able to let go of the memories and times you shared with that someone who once held an important role in your life. Difficult as it may be, you need to avoid dwelling in the past.

You can still the golden engagement ring and receive a good amount of money in return. The money you receive in exchange for your old engagement ring won’t compensate for the hurt you’ve experienced, but it can provide you with the means to at least make the coming days go by a little easier.

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