Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe for Summer

With the weather getting warmer, people are looking to retire the winter jumpers and replace them with lighter and floatier summer clothes. While you are in the process of looking for lighter clothes, why not take this time to give your wardrobe a little makeover? Organising a wardrobe should not be seen as a big task, there are a number of tips you can use during the process to make things much easier. When you use these tips, you will never lose a scarf, top or sock again.

Hanging Them Up

There are some styles that will leave you with a large collection of accessories, scarves and belts in store. While these accessories look good when they are on you, a scarf can end up making the wardrobe appear untidy, and can tangle up when not stored properly, and this leaves you with headaches the next time you want to wear it. If you take a couple of shower rings to use to hang belts and scarves, it will make things easier for you. You will be able to see them in an organised manner.

Investing in Draw Dividers

Drawers are common for storing socks, underwear and bras, and this is where they go to disappear and die (!), and no one wants to lose expensive and much-loved Elle Courbee shapewear. The best ways to keep things organised when you keep multiple items in one drawer is by using dividers. You can find a set online, or you can even make it yourself by cutting up shoeboxes you no longer use. If you are still having a hard time with space, consider vacuum packing those clothes you aren’t wearing often before you store them. This will help in keeping out moisture and odours. When you are ready to wear them, they will be clean.

Summer vs. Winter

The number of clothes you own will be the biggest factor to determine how organised and tidy your wardrobe can be. If you have a small space with a lot of clothes, chances are it ends up being disorganised and cluttered. This does not mean you should throw away your clothes. While it is a good idea to donate the clothes you no longer need to charity, another option is splitting your clothes into ‘Winter’ and ’Summer’ categories. You can them vacuum-pack or store season-specific clothing in a storage unit or your home. This will end up freeing a lot of space in your wardrobe, which will help in reducing the creasing of clothes too.

Beating the Creases

There is no person who likes clothes with creases, especially when dressing for work or special occasions. If you want to avoid creases on your jean, you should hang the jeans by the belt loop on an S hook. This is going to save you a lot of space while making sure there are no creases running down the front of your jeans. In order to avoid creases on shirts, a little work needs to be done in prep. When hanging shirts using pegs, you can use gravity to draw out the creases. When they dry up, hang them using a plastic coat hanger that has thick shoulders.

Learning How to Fold

Marie Kondo has revolutionised the way people tidy and organise their lives, and this is since her documentary was aired on Netflix a couple of months ago. One tip that most people have gained from her is the unique technique used to fold clothes – it allows you to store more clothes in the drawer and you get to see everything. With the technique, the clothes are facing up in a line, and this means things will not get lost in the back. There are videos online that you can watch to learn this method of folding clothes. You might need to give it a couple of tries before you get it, but once you do, you will not be using any other method to fold your clothes.

The above tips should help you with your wardrobe, give them a try and see how your wardrobe improves.

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