Tips for Maintaining your Air Conditioner

With the rapid climate change and deterioration, global warming is becoming one of the chief concerns of world population in general. And obviously, people are switching to more comfortable lifestyles for living, which majorly involve air conditioners in households. With the decrease in the prices of electronics, more people are able to afford air conditioners at home. There are plenty of brands to choose from. While the types of ACs vary from company to company based on price, features, capacity, coverage, electricity consumption, inverter-based, green products, effects on environment, and pollution, there are some basic key tips to maintain your AC, so as to, get the best output for longer durations. 

Change Air-filters Monthly

The air-filters placed inside the device collect all the dust, dirt and other impurities present in the room. Thus not cleaning/ replacing them on a regular basis results in additional strain on the machine, which might result in lack of efficiency. It also affects the units of electricity, thus booming up your bill.

Keep a Check on the Condensate Drain

We are all more or less aware about the working of an air conditioning machine. And the condensation/ moisture created is pumped outdoors by a connected portion of the machine. The pipe, requires regular cleaning as it might get blocked or clogged, resulting in malfunctioning or leakage. 

Cover Compressor during Winters

Even in a tropical country, ACs is not required during the winters. So simply cover the compressor when the AC is not in use to protect it from dust, dirt or foreign particles. 

Annual Maintenance

Although we can all take basic measures to clean our device and save some money, hiring professionals once a year for proper maintenance of the AC is not a bad thing. They understand the work better than us anyway.

Using air conditioners are extremely comfortable, and a necessity. But, they need to be maintained well to ensure that your energy bills do not escalate. Sometimes, replacing the air conditioner is the only option. Before buying a new one, make sure to compare enviro air conditioner prices in Pakistan to find the best deal online and save 10% on your purchase

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