Timex and Innovation– A Timeless Saga

A watch is perhaps the one accessory in your wardrobe that you bond with the best. Every wonderful occasion in your life – birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, promotion – can be made specialby a gift of a timepiece. As we set out to mark the significant milestones in our lives with our favorite watches, let us take look at the most important milestones covered by one of the best watch brands for menand women – Timex.

1854 – The popular American brass manufacturer Benedict & Burnham decided to set up the Waterbury Clock Company (WCC) in Connecticut bringing to the US, the watchmaking brilliance that Europe was known for. The company decided to marry technology with mass production thus keeping the costs low – a major innovation that would make timepieces personal articles of use.

1887 – The WCC introduced the Jumbo pocket watch, named after the famous elephant from P.T. Barnum’s traveling circus. The WCC was soon producing millions of Jumbo pocket watches.

1896 – The WCC now introduced the $1 Yankee pocket watch. By the end of the decade, about 6 million Yankee pocket watches had been sold. Even the much-loved author Mark Twain bought one.

1914-1917 – The Great War brought with it a high demand for accurate timepieces that could be worn on the wrist leaving the hands free to work the guns. The WCC responded to this demand by launching the Ingersoll Midget Pocket Watch with straps that could be tied to the wrist.

1930 – The Century of Progress International Exposition or the Chicago World’s Fair saw the launch of the Mickey Mouse watch – a children’s watch featuring Walt Disney’s popular cartoon. Millions of children across America became proud owners.

1950s – Mass manufacturing became the new mantra and WCC became the “world’s largest manufacturer of watches and mechanical time fuses.” It is in the ‘50s that the iconic television commercials featuring John Cameron Swayze popularized the tagline “Timex Takes A Licking and Keeps on Ticking”.

1969 – The WCC, later reorganized as the United States Time Corporation, transformed into the Timex Corporation. 1986 – Timex launched the Ironman Triathlon – one of the best-loved watches for athletes and sportspersons. Through the following decade, the Ironman went on to become the largest selling sports watch in the world.

1992 – Timex introduced the Indiglo, a revolutionary backlight system. The popularity of the Indiglo skyrocketed when a group of people used it to descend 40 flights of stairs in complete darkness during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The new millennium – Through the recent years, Timex has continued to build trust and loyal brand followers among the millennial with the launch of inexpensive but stylish watches.

Timex is not merely a watch brand; it is a timeless saga of innovation, excellence, and affordability – a cult favorite of the world. Marking a new trend in the evolution of timepieces, Timex India is now set to release three new watches American Documents, The Marlin Automatic, and Q Timex Reissue. Watch lovers in the country are waiting for these with bated breath.

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