This is how long you should wait between color appointments


If you’re someone who likes to change up your look often, getting a fresh new hair shade at your favorite hair and nail salon is a fun experience. So, what happens when you’re sitting in the chair and want to know how long you should wait between color appointments? Ask your stylist of course!

The time between your hair appointments really depends on what you and your stylist did so it’s important to communicate with your stylist on a timeline that they feel is best for your situation.

High-light or low-light

When you go to your hair and nail salon for a high-light or low-light appointment, the time between your appointments may be stretched out a bit longer depending on how well you blended your natural hair color into your fresh new shade.

Typically, you’d go into your salon for an outgrowth ‘root’ touch-up every 4-6 weeks as your hair grows out, however, with a high-light or low-light you can sometimes stretch that to be every 8-10 weeks.

Covering gray

If you’ve noticed a few gray hairs appearing, speak with your stylist about doing a semi-permanent hair color so your grays come in and give a natural appearance rather than a blunt line of discoloration.

And, while a professional stylist typically wouldn’t recommend you use a store-bought color and touch up your outgrowth yourself, you may consider doing this if you simply don’t have the budget to come in every 4-6 weeks.

Style mix up

While the typical time between appointments is 4-6 weeks, if you notice your color appointment did not turn out as you’d wished, you should communicate this with your stylist to see how long you must wait between coming in to get it fixed.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of having multiple sessions to get your desired outcome and there’s a shy 24-48-hour treatment break between color appointments so your hair can condition and get ready for the next session.

The key is to feel comfortable with your stylist and be open to asking questions. And, if you’ve not found a stylist you feel comfortable asking questions too, you should look for a new hair and nail salon to get your color done at.

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