Things you should look out for before buying a watch

Each and every watch depicts just one thing, which is time. Maybe some of them display the date and day as well but yet they have only one primary purpose and intent overall. Then what are the things which differentiates the watches from one another which also impacts their final prices?

It’s the composition of the material of the watch and its quality that determines the cost. There are about 50+ brands of it in the market. You have Rolex and the Rolex counterfeits (นาฬิกา Rolex ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai), quartz, titan and may more.

Different types of Watch:

Before buying the watch, you should be aware of your needs in watches. Below are certain watches for common needs are:


  • Dress Watches


These are common watches, used to wear to match the attire and accessories for individuals. You can wear them at your cocktail parties, shopping, evening walks, and even in your leisure holidays. They come in various designs and shapes.


  • Bangers 


These are common watches worn daily. They are designed to be rough and tough. These can be helpful in gyms and your jogging habits.


  • Dive Watches


As the name suggests that these are specifically designed for people who are prone to underwater life, that is, scuba divers. They need to keep an eye on their time until they are underwater. For this, dive watches were invented.


  • Fashion Watches


These are watches to flaunt your fashion sense by matching your attire and accessories.

There are many categories of the watch. You need to look for the one that suits you even if its Rolex counterfeits.

What should you look at the watch?


  • Comfortable: Wear something comfy for your hands. Don’t wear a heavy watch just for the sake of style, if you are not ok with it.
  • Easy to Read: If your watch is confusing you with the time, then sir/mam, your purpose of the purchase is now lost.
  • Cost-effective: A watch should be neither too costly which makes you wonder about its non-existent extra features, nor too cheap that it stops every second week of your use.
  • Consider the Brand: Brand watches are durable. Their batteries have long-life. That doesn’t mean that you have to run for the most expensive brand.


These points will help you to identify the perfect watch for you in the long run.

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