The T Shirt You Need to Choose

The T-shirt is a basic element of the men’s wardrobe. Well beyond the look, it is an indispensable piece that we often choose without thinking. And yet, this simple piece of fabric, of major importance in summer, must be carefully chosen. So here are some tips for choosing a men’s t-shirt and some ideas for wearing it. For Knowing nothing printed T shirts, the options are perfect now.

The origin of the t-shirt

To avoid that you are only beautiful, here is a culture of the t-shirt. This garment exists since the 19th century and finds its origin in America. It was then worn as an undergarment by the workers and peasants.

Of the Army

It was in the early 20th century that the use of the t-shirt spread for men in the US military. After the war, returning soldiers protest by leaving the shirt and wearing the t-shirt to voice their difficulty in finding a job. This underwear is then democratized in America before disembarking in Europe in the 40s.

At the cinema

In the 50s, the T-shirt becomes the garment to have if you want to be a man, a true , like Marlon Brando in “A streetcar named desire”. After “The Fury of Life” with the famous James Dean, the t-shirt becomes the ultimate casual outfit but also a badboy piece essential for a rock look .

How to choose a t-shirt?

The question is relatively simple. To answer it, two elements must be taken into consideration: the choice of material and the choice of the right cut.

The material

We advise you to orient yourself to natural materials. Synthetic materials may irritate the skin and promote the proliferation of bacteria and therefore odors basically, you will feel the gym bag after training. So go for cotton t-shirts (the most common), linen, hemp or mixed natural material.

How to choose a men’s t-shirt

This is the perfect example of the wrong shirt. Collar too tight, stitching sleeves too low, sleeves too long and poorly adjusted at the torso.

How to choose the size of a men’s t-shirt?

As a whole, the t-shirt must accompany the curves of your torso without molding. In general, to choose a t-shirt man to the right size, it is necessary to select a piece slightly tightened at the level of the pecs and a little more ample at the level of the belly. In terms of total length, the T-shirt must stop at the waist.

The sleeves and the collar

The seam of the sleeves should be at the level of the shoulder break. Regarding the length of the sleeves, they must stop at mid-biceps, shorter if you want to ride mechanics and expose your biscotos. Do not choose them too tightly, at the risk of giving the impression that your t-shirt is too small. As for the rest, the sleeve must accompany the biceps without molding and without excess material.

The collar should not be too wide or too tight around the neck. If you want a marker, the cervix should stop more or less at the level of the clavicle.

Choose a men’s t-shirt

All this for a t-shirt! And yes, well choose his basics is important and now you have the cards in hand to do what is already not so bad. If you are wise, the next article will bring you some tips to wear it well.

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