The Perfect Christmas Gift In 8 Steps

Giving a good gift to a friend, sister, or mother is a fine art. With our 8 steps, you will find the perfect gift for the women in your life.

Set The TimerMake a reminder on your phone – not so that you don’t forget Christmas, but so that you can start thinking about a gift early.

Write Down The NotesListen carefully in the run-up to Christmas. Is she hinting at this new fitness tracker, pretty sneakers, or a hobby she’d like to start with? Write it down.

Think About Them: Does she make no hint? Then you have to worry about yourself. Write down everything you can think of about your loved one: their interests, their hobbies, their favorite things. She goes to the swimming pool every Thursday? Then a bathing season ticket would be something. Are your best friends very important to you? Then give her a voucher for the girls’ favorite bar.

Involve The Professionals: If you still can’t think of anything, ask her best friend, mother, or sister. This method also makes it possible to organize larger gifts together.

Just AskIt doesn’t sound creative, but it is one of the best methods. Tell her that you already have an idea, but you also want to read every wish from your eyes. Many women know exactly what they want – and the gifts they want are most popular.

Let The Gift Be GuessedA clever idea is to have the partner puzzled about her gift. Here’s how it works: Just say you already have a gift, if you’re lucky, your girlfriend will guess the gift and provide you with a variety of things that she wants. You can get the gifts at

Pack YourselfNothing feels more impersonal to women than when the gift has been packed by the seller, and a sticker from the shop is stuck on it. Even if you have two left hands: Pack it yourself. She will appreciate your effort.

Write The CardA few lovingly formulated lines make women’s hearts beat faster. And that applies not only to the girlfriend – the sister or mother are also happy about serious words. Just write how happy you are to have her. You will be amazed at the great impact. Visit for more info.

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