Pearls Available in Different Colours

There are many different colours that you can find in the world of pearls such as white, pink, yellow, golden, blue and black and also many other shades in between. There can be more to pearls as compared to Grandma’s old white pearl strand. 

While with the dyes and various treatments you can get any kind of colour present in the rainbow, in this post we shall talk about few naturally occurring colours of the pearls. You will find here about following 7 natural pearl colours.

  1. White pearls

Due to simple elegance, white pearls are the classic one with timeless beauty. Both beautiful white Akoya pearls or south sea pearls are liked by men and women and they admire their subtle elegance. 

People consider white pearl as symbol of purity and innocence.

  1. Black pearls

For centuries black pearls captivated men and women’s imagination and was mentioned in many wonderful mythical tales. From black Akoya, black Tahitian, to black pearls from freshwater, each types of pearl shines forth.

  1. Golden pearls

Golden pearls from south sea are the rarest and largest golden cultured pearls that is available in the world. There are few golden pearls also found in isles of the Australia, tropical lagoons and Philippine island. 

  1. Peach and pink pearls

Peach to pink pearls are naturally coloured and are cultured in freshwater pearl mussel that is found in China’s aquaculture ponds. The person wearing such pearls will have truly glamorous look, which will shine and give a positive radiant glow.

  1. Lavender pearls

Naturally coloured lavender freshwater pearls can be cultured almost similar to peach and pink pearls, which are bred in the aquaculture lakes or ponds in China. You can see pearl of a colourful array of pink, lavender, peach and white combination. 

  1. Blue pearls

A true-blue pearl will portray the true spirit of individuality which is the rarest and unique among all pearls. Blue pearls can be perfect to draw out natural beauty of human eye. Many people believe that blue pearl owners will find their true love.

  1. Chocolate pearls

Chocolate Tahitian pearls can be truly incomparable and can create the most beautiful jewellery for adorning yourself with. 


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