Makeover trends for 2020

The beauty industry has witnessed a complete transition over a decade. Accessories, apparel and headgears for special occasions are being made fancier and sophisticated for the ones who would be donning it. The revolutionized fashion industry has been introducing new trends from time to time, which can also be used by a commoner as per their choice.

By now, you must have been intrigued to know the recent addition to the list of trendy looks in 2020. Browse down to get hold of the new trends in fashion.

Coolest Makeover trend for 2020

Gone are the days of no-makeup look and sheer washes of colour. The following trendy look will urge you to pull out your multi-coloured makeup hue to get you an elegant, yet a mesmerizing look.

Eye Embellishment

Donning an embellishment has taken the fashion industry by a whirlwind. Top models have been adorning a star or two on their face, which looks cute yet leaves a tinge of a sophisticated bearing glance. Getting this is super easy, you just have to keep your eye makeup bare or neutral, grab a star and pop it underneath your eyes.

Glitter Smokey Eyes

Whether it’s a girl’s night out or a nightclub visit, the smokey eyes had been adorned on all sort of occasions. Now, you may forget the matte smokey eye that you’ve been adorning since middle school if you try this new glittery smokey eye makeup trend. It is simple to wear and look classy at the same time. All you have to do is sw

ipe a primer and then simply tap on it a shimmery golden eyeshadow on top.

Free Floating Eyeliner

You might gasp once if you come to know that eyeliner doesn’t have to be specifically applied on your lash line. It might sound a bit odd, however, this is the truth. To get a free-floating eyeliner look all you’ve to do is take a pencil eyeliner and draw a line across your eyelid. To make it look more appealing and voguish, you may turn the line into a certain shape.  For instance, you may make it look like a top of a cloud, or an angel’s wing. On applying the liner in these trendy ways will definitely make you a trendsetter among your friends.

Sparkly eyes

Your eyes may speak volume about your personality, however, adorning sparkly eyes will make others behold their eyesight on you. On applying sparkly pencil over the eyelid and

underneath will definitely make you look great. To get this look, you have to rim your eyes with a black kohl liner. Smudge the liner and then tap some glitter around your eyes. This has also proven to be a great hack for the girls with dark circles.

Neon Cat Eyes

Girls, who aren’t shy to get a bold look may swap your basic black liquid liner for a bright, neon-coloured liner. You may use a bright coloured liner to draw a thick wing. This mainly draws attention towards your eye, making it more catchy.

Red lipstick

Red lipsticks can never go out of fashion. Donning a combo of matte, clean skin

cherry-red lipstick with bold brows will get you a smooth look. Before applying your exquisite red lipstick you may prep your lips with a lip scrub and then swipe the matte texture on your lips. To get hold of a matte red lipstick, you may opt one from the wide range of options available in the Nykaa sale.

Contrasting Colour Combination

If you’re one of them who loves to experiment with colours, you should definitely try out this trendy colour contrasting eyeshadows. Choose two eyeshadows which have contrasting features on the colour wheel. Then, swipe one colour eyeshadow across your eyelid and the other one on the lower lash line.

These trendy makeover ideas can totally change your look. Do try them and be a trendsetter in your group.



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