Greater Than Better Baby Onesies


One of the great pleasures of parents and those around a baby is choosing the tiny clothes that will dress their little princess or their little prince. But how to navigate in all that is done? Which clothes are suitable for each age? Sizes, materials, comfort, here are the tips to make a good choice.

Sleeper, body, sleep well, onesie the universe of baby is vast. At each age corresponds models combining comfort, charm and time saving for parents.

What materials are the baby clothes?

Natural and breathable fabrics, linen and cotton, are the most suitable for babies. The best fabric is pure cotton, the basic fabric of children’s clothing. Choose a soft cotton, such as a very soft combed cotton. Many brands now offer organic cotton. Terry pajamas keep babies warm. Avoid synthetic materials, which can cause skin irritation or allergies (especially if chlorine and formaldehyde). In addition, synthetic materials cause perspiration.

Baby clothes: the right size

Sizes are more complicated. All brands have their size system. Some carve big, others small. Depending on the country, the sizes are different, the clothes made in Germany and in the countries of the North are often larger than in France. The saleswomen say that, overall, the baby clothes cut small. Also, it is advisable to take one size above or even two sizes above in some stores. In particular, do not buy too much clothes in size 0 (birth) or in 1 month: some babies will be able to wear them only two or three weeks. In general, there are 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months. Some brands make intermediate sizes, 1, 9 and 18 months for example. 

Winter is here: are you rather a coat or a pilot suit for your child? What is the ideal garment to protect your child from the cold? Parents, a nursery nurse and a maternal assistant testify.

Your baby is between 0 and 12 months old? The onesie team wins the day

  • For many parents, the onesie remains the best clothing to protect their babies from the cold.
  • Moreover, during long walks, it is strongly recommended to cover your baby well. The children are much more sensitive to the cold, think to add a cover to its onesie.
  • Until her 12 months, she will not interfere with your child to move. If he starts walking earlier, choose a coat.

Your baby is over 12 months old? The onesie team wins

The Grandma Baby Onesies is ideal for outings by car or to go shopping. So your child will not sweat in his clothes and will be comfortable in the car seat. We find that an onesie, on the other hand, is unpleasant for your child during these trips. And in addition, the onesie is trendier and more original.

The advice of the expert, a mother and maternal assistant for 18 years is to remove the coat or the onesie of your baby during a trip by car for his safety, because it can be embarrassed and tight. If it’s cold, plan a blanket. Choose the material of the onesie and favor those with a hood for example.


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