Flowers are a universal gift for any occasion


A bouquet of fresh flowers, no matter the size or color will surely brighten up your day. Not only are flowers pleasing to look at but they also have the ability to improve your mood. 

Whether you give flowers or receive flowers, the experience is a memorable one. People give flowers to each other to celebrate special events like Mother’s day, anniversary, birthdays, graduation, and weddings. People also send flowers to express an apology, sympathy or just wishing a loved one well.

Different flowers symbolize different feelings. Roses and carnations are easily available but if you want to gift something different select the amaryllis. A dahlia is an interesting choice as it has a variety of meanings. A bouquet of dahlia mixed with other flowers looks unique. If you want to gift a friend a bouquet on her birthday you can choose roses, orchids, daises; almost all flowers are appropriate for birthdays. 

While making your selection of flowers consider some important factors. Determine the occasion, consider the recipient’s taste and then choose the one that expresses your emotions behind your gift. 

Flowers bring comfort

You may find choosing sympathy flowers a difficult task as they have to be appropriate. Florist at Kew flower shops can help you in making this difficult choice.  Sympathy flowers are often smaller bouquets that can be sent to the bereaved instead of the funeral home. 

When choosing sympathy flowers at Kew, it is advisable to choose appropriate flowers’ colors. White is the safest choice as it represents love, innocence and peace. Sympathy flowers show your respect towards the deceased person. It is advisable to avoid green and red flowers. You must visit a local flower gallery to make your choice as the florist there are well-versed with making different types of floral arrangements as sympathy flowers. 

Online Delivery

Getting flowers delivered from online websites is getting common and is a convenient way if you are short on time. Most online flower galleries have a link to order sympathy flowers where you can add the same information that you would have given to your florist. They even provide same day delivery. Sympathy flowers can be delivered to the home of the grieving family instead of the funeral. 

Flowers show your loved one that you care for them and a carefully crafted bouquet will express your deepest condolences. On such sad occasions, you must show your love and support in any way you can. 

Flowers have always been a part of a funeral service. If you have to choose flowers to take at a funeral service you must choose flowers which can be viewed during the funeral service, taken home afterward or placed on the grave later. You can choose baskets that go to the grave site as they are getting common now. 

Next time when you are looking to show love, compassion and respect towards someone you can check Donvale Flower gallery at Kew. They have the experience to craft bouquets for you that convey your true feelings. 


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