Fine Choices for the printed T Shirts

The patriotic shirts like the one below, are more for “fashion” occasions like fashion week or finally, we try to show ourselves, and to display a knowledge of the different creators’ codes from the moment.

Baby and Aunt t-shirt

This matching baby and aunt shirts went around the world. Although it is beautiful, we must recognize that it will be rather difficult to wear unless you have a rather unconventional look.

So we leave that to the circles that can afford it (bank, insurance, economy, you will have to spend your turn).

Special T-shirt

Here we have something very worked again, both in terms of the material and the cut.

In my opinion, this is the direction to go when you want to go beyond the basics.

Printed T-Shirt

The problem is the same. Even if we find the printed very interesting, it is very difficult to wear and will not go to the most casual styles. These are quite attractive however.

Funny t-shirt

The funny t-shirt is all you do not have to do.

Political T-shirts, T-shirts that hijack brands or make very limited jokes.

This may very well have gone for your best friend’s bachelor party, we cannot say it’s a cool T-shirt to have in his wardrobe.

  • Avoid the affront to give you examples, this kind of T-shirts are prohibited in my humble opinion.

Update: in the meantime, we have been asked for examples. These are of course all the cartoons of Mars, Marx and other Simpsons t-shirts. You may from time to time allow yourself a Mickey t-shirt, if and only if you know what you are doing. And again, it will take the jokes of friends! 

The grammage

Each T-shirt has its own weight which corresponds to the weight of the T-shirt per m² and which defines the thickness and density of the fabric. The higher the grammage is, the less the T-shirt will be transparent (especially if it is white) and most importantly, the more it will be resistant.

  • A low-weight T-shirt will not stand up to your washing machine and will eventually form small holes. The same goes for ironing (for those who iron their T-shirts).

Between 125 and 145g / m²: it is considered that the grammage is low , it is a lightweight T-shirt that will last between 1 and 3 months depending on the frequency with which you wear it, before no longer look like nothing .

How to recognize the quality of a t-shirt

The shirt pulls on the grey and we guess the colour of the skin underneath. To recognize them: this type of T-shirt is usually cheap (10-25 $), it is very transparent. Just pass his hand between the fabrics to see it, moreover, to the touch, the T-shirt is really fine.

Between 145 and 165g / m²: we are on a standard T-shirt, the one you will find most often in department stores. This is a T-shirt that will do the job 6 months or 1 year, if you are attentive to your washing cycle (which is not easy for everyone!).


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