All That You Need to know: Komal Pandey


Youtube blogs are enjoying tremendous popularity across the world. Komal Pandey has become one of the most mentionable figure there. At the age of 25 only she has become a known name in the world of youtube fashion blogs. The journey of this youtube renowned figure was not easy, and she had to go through a number of career choices including hairstyling and teaching and so on. Originally starting a career of a blog writer after her graduation, she took the name of the Collage Couture. Her time as a hair stylist also helped her a lot to gain interest and access in the world of fashion world. She has come up as a winning figure here and at the moment as we speak, she enjoys huge fan base now.

Born the year 1994 in New Delhi, after her B.Com in Shahid Bhagat Singh Collage she pursued a number of career choice which led her to her current career. She has time and again expressed her love for fashion and styling which originated from the series of career options that she had taken. However, at present she is all and sundry with her current job.

After she had started her blogging career, very soon she had earned the fame that was much awaited. With a very short period her name was among the top bloggers in India. Her followers on the social networking sites also started to increase and at present she is enjoying the Youtube followers of 300k and Instagram followers of 400k. This kind of drastic improvement has also changed her lifestyle to a great limit. She has come up to the status of the celebrities across the nation. In the field of fashion she has almost become a reference point now.

There are a number of brands and accessories related to fashion that Komal endorses and promotes. However, her personal choices regarding the brands are very distinct and specific. With the use of the brands like Forever 21 and H&M for the clothing and fashion items and Janpath in Bew Delhi for the fashion jewelry item, she has concretized her choices as of perfect.

She is a great lover of Bollywood films and Actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan and Actresses like Kareena Kapoor are her favorites while A.R. Rahman takes the place of her favorite music composer. Paris is her favorite place to travel and she enjoys South Indian food items. Las but not the list, Gigi Hadid is the favorite figure for her. And her favorite color? White. Now let us have a look at the personal life of this style icon.

The Life That She Leads

Ravit Srivastav happens to be the person in relationship with Komal. He is an Uber Analyst. Back in the year 2016 the two started dating. Along with time, their bond grew up. Right now you would find their posts in a number of social media options.

So far Komal’s wprkout regime is concerned, she is not really regular on her exercise process daily. However, for the diet matter she is quite serious and maintaines her diet proper on daily basis.

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