7 Wedding Gift Rules That All Wedding Guests Should Follow

You have been invited to attend a happy couple’s special day and you are wondering to yourself what gift you should get for them. Choosing a good wedding gift is often harder than trying to decide what to wear to the wedding. Don’t worry, this wedding gift etiquette guide will help to ensure that the couple enjoys your gifts as much as your presence on their special day.

Rule 1: Give Them Something Meaningful

Just because a present is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a better gift for the couple; a present that has been well thought out will be much more valuable and meaningful to them. Consider the bride and groom’s unique interests, hobbies, and personalities, and figure out what gift would reflect these the best.

If it is too hard to find a well-suited physical gift, you can always consider giving them an experience, like tickets to live music or a comedy show, or booking a romantic seaside weekend getaway for them. According to research, experiences that are given as gifts are associated with greater positive feeling compared to material gifts since they are a lot more memorable.

Rule 2: Give Them Something From Their Gift List

A couple’s wedding gift list is a great place to find ideas and take all of hard work and stress away from knowing what to get them. Wedding gift lists often contain practical items on them like measuring cups, kettles, and toaster. Functional gifts, such as mint julep cups or other kitchen implements, are ideal for couples are who getting ready to move in together. When you stick to their list it will also help to ensure you don’t purchase something that they have already.

Rule 3: Give Money

If the couple has specifically stated they want cash contributions for their honeymoon fund or have requested that you donate to their chosen charity, respecting their wishes is good wedding etiquette. You can also relax by knowing that they will appreciate your gift and it will not be returned to the store.

Rule 4: Transport Your Gift Appropriately

Be sure to transport your gifts properly. For example, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and place them in a box. You don’t want the beautiful set of glass bowls you purchased for the bride and groom to break during transit.

Usually, there is a box or table where the couple collects gifts and cards. Make sure to write your name on the card and the gift tag so they know the gift is from you. If you purchased a gift that is too large to fit on their table, like furniture, then it may be best to have it directly delivered to their house.

Rule 5: Don’t Give Gifts if a Couple Doesn’t Want Them

Some newlyweds do not want to get gifts. Respecting their wishes is good manners. The best gift for some couples is to simply have you present at their wedding. Get them a card instead that offers your good wishes and invite them to come to visit you in the future.

Rule 6: Even if You Can’t Attend the Wedding, You Can Get a Gift

What if you receive a beautiful wedding invitation from a couple but cannot attend their wedding? The first thing you should do is RSVP as soon as possible. Then, just because you are unable to attend don’t mean you cannot give the couple a wedding present. A thoughtful gift can help to soften the blow that you won’t be there, and you can send it to their home or give the present to the couple the next time that you get together with them.

Rule 7: Presents are Optional

Various wedding etiquette experts have different views on whether or not it should be mandatory to give a gift, but ultimately, by definition, gifts are given because the person wants to. Gifts shouldn’t ever be given begrudgingly but only out of genuine positive intent.

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