6 Ways to ensure the best styling of a t-shirt

T-shirts are the must-have elements for everyone’s closets. These are ideal if you want a low-key impression and also serve an excellent base if you want to dress them up for a bold and vibrant look. If you are looking for some clothing option that is comfortable and still makes you stand out in a crowd, t-shirts can achieve this wonderfully. The present trend of art t-shirts has created a positive wave in the fashion industry. Whether you look around your city showrooms or look for online designer options like the Annabel Scanlen artwork, you can find something that will fuse with your personality and enhance your grace and vogue. However, like every other outfit, to get the best look with t-shirts, it is important to get certain things right. While the task is not that difficult, it is often underestimated and overlooked. Here are some tips to style your t-shirts to get dressed to the teeth.


  • Pick according to the occasion


It is important to know where and when you are going to adorn a t-shirt. Some occasions are formal and need you to wear a traditional suit and tie. Even if you are going to an informal meeting with your client, you can ditch the suit but still should go with a nice full sleeve shirt. T-shirts are a great option for casual events. If you are going for a workout session, a plain block colored t-shirt will give you a classy look. You can choose playful patterns and designs with bright hues for a friend’s party.


  • Knowing your body type is important


T-shirts suit the most for the regular medium build physic. If you are too skinny, it would make your upper torso look leaner. Also, t-shirts are not a good option if you want to hide extra fat accumulation at your mid-section. However, these rules are subjective. You should try t-shirts with different sizes and cuts to see what fits your body the best. It is more likely that you find the right one for you.


  • Choose the right fit


Even people with perfect body shape often end up ruining their t-shirt look. It happens due to the incorrect choice of size. No matter how good and classy a t-shirt looks, if it does not fit well on your body, it can be a disaster. You should keep two things in mind while picking up the right size, your body shape and comfort. Ensure that the t-shirt you choose gives you full freedom for movement.


  • Style coordination


T-shirts are available in different styles and patterns. You can choose a v-neck, crew-neck or collared t-shirt. V-neck looks amazing on people with a perfect body and adds to the details like a short neck and lean face. You can choose a crew-neck if you have a thinner frame. There are also options like stripes, checks, block colors, monochrome, art patterns, etc.


  • Consider the fabric


How a t-shirt would look also depends on the fabric of the t-shirt. You can choose the material that will give you a lustrous look or choose cotton for comfort and luxurious feeling. Pick a body-hugging t-shirt with stretchable material or a blended material for jersey look.


  • Make sure the color suits you


Choose the colors according to your skin tone, occasion, timing, and other pairing clothing. For instance, you can choose navy blue instead of black for a summer daytime gathering and a neutral hue which is difficult to go wrong.

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