3 Excellent Tips to Help Your Kid Develop in a Healthy Way

You always wish that your baby’s overall growth is perfect. The good news is that you can actively participate in her development. Here’s how.

1. Help in the Development of Your Baby’s Vision

Make the most of the moments when your baby opens his eyes, by looking straight into them. Newborns identify faces early on. Every time he stares at you, his memory is being built.

Making different faces in front of your baby is also helpful because babies are able to copy simple facial gestures, like sticking tongue out, smiling etc. This is an indication of very early problem solving.

Another good exercise is to let your baby stare at herself in the mirror. Initially, she may think that there’s another baby on the other side and she’ll love making the “other” baby smile and wave at her.

2. Counting and Language

To enable your baby to identify alphabets, dedicate each week to one of the letters. For example, read stories to him starting with A, cut up A-shaped cookies, eat foods whose names start with A, and so on.

You can make stories even more interesting for him by replacing the main character with his name.

Take her to your library to let him see rows after rows of books. You can also take him to puppet shows, exhibitions and museum, and inform him about things there.

Although he won’t understand everything you talk, his brain will be stimulated and take in the knowledge which will be useful to him in the future.

To help improve your baby’s language skills, read her favourite story at least 2-3 times in a row.

Researchers have found that kids can learn identify sequence of words in a story when it’s read repeatedly. This is supposed to help them learn the language.

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3. Improve Your Kid’s Various Skills

When you see a picture along with your baby, point out small details in the picture and ask him questions of various types, from abstract to real.

When your kid wants to play in the rain, don’t stop her. It’s a good idea to play with her. Sit on the wet grass and jump in the puddles together. It’s a fun way to learn about the difference between dry and wet.

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Let him make the decision to build his confidence. For example, you can let him choose between different coloured bowls or glasses at the mealtime.

Along with learning that his decision counts, he’ll also learn the names of colours.

Allow your baby to play with your old dresses. Offer her old scarves, winter hats or gloves. Get yourself involved in her pretend play and get amused to see where her creativity takes you.

Once in a while, offer him toys that he’s forgotten. You’ll be surprised to see the new ways he’ll find to play with them.

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Help your child to develop in a healthy way with these tips and enjoy his development.

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