Benefits of lemon to the face

Benefits of lemon to the face –┬áLime is usually only used for herbs, refreshing dishes or eliminate the fishy taste in the meat. Lime juice can also be used to treat you when coughing. In addition to the usability, small fruit size is also beneficial for beauty. Lime this turned out very well for the health of your face. What can I use lemon? Here’s the info for you:

1. Help Reduce Acne

Acne often appears on your face. Pimples occur because of dirt clogging the pores. With lemon, you can get rid of pimples on the face quickly. Substances contained in the lime turns to cure acne. How, then squeeze the lemon slices to water citrus out. After that, apply on your face that have acne. Then set aside some time. Once dry, you can use a cold water rinse. It will be a little sore when applying lemon juice on your face. But after that will accelerate your acne to disappear.

2. Brightening Facial

Not only to reduce acne, it can also be lime to brighten the face. For those of you who do not like to use cosmetics, you can use this method. The use of lemon juice to brighten the face also contain no side effects. How to make, sliced lemon in half and squeeze to drain. After that mix the honey until well blended. Then apply on your face. Let it sit for a few moments so that the benefits of honey and lemon can be the maximum absorbed by the pores. Before applying, wash your face beforehand for maximum results.


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